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If you and your married guy friend don’t talk often, but he’s suddenly interested in chatting all the time, he may be developing strong feelings. 6.

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It's not always true for men either, nor is there a sound reason why it would be more true for women than it would be for men. · 9 yr.

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If he is going on making excuses and not meeting you then you don't have to show him that you are moping and crying over him. Take the opportunity during that lull to recognize his flaws (one might be his silence).

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Deliberately Secret Communication. Children take time to adjust to the change after divorce, and may look at your new partner as their dad's rival.

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Just like your female BFF has you as a male friend.

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Girls have their own ideas about this, but a guy’s perspective changes the answer. Just don’t grope each other.

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Keep that goal in mind when you initiate a conversation.

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When you meet someone that is really awesome, it can give you this overwhelming feeling of excitement. the " friend zone " from niceguys.

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